These terms and conditions, which may from time to time adjust, apply to all services provided online, by email, phone or any mobile device. Looking through the web site gogeorgia. today (including sub-sites * and/or by making a reservation you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions which may be periodically adjusted, apply to all services provided online, by email, phone or any mobile device. Looking through the web site gogeorgia. today (including sub-sites * and/or by making a reservation you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to the following terms and conditions (including the privacy policy). These pages, their content and infrastructure, as well as service of booking accommodation online, which are provided on these pages and through this web site ("Service"), are owned, managed or provided by the company Go Georgia LLC ("", "", "us", "we" or "our") and are available for usage in accordance with the terms and conditions below (including the Privacy Policy). These pages, their content and infrastructure, as well as service of booking accommodation online, which are provided on these pages and through this web site ("Service"), are owned, managed or provided by the company Go Georgia LLC ("", "", "us", "we" or "our") and are available for usage in accordance with the terms and conditions below.

1. Service Description

Through a web site. * Go Georgia LLC provides the following services:

a) online database for publication residential properties of temporary accommodation (apartments, houses, guest houses, hotels, hostels collectively, the "accommodation facility"), and their reservation by visitors of the website gogeorgia. today with online payment of booking. By making a reservation through the website gogeorgia. today you enter into a direct (effectual in law) contractual relationship with the object of accommodation which you are booking. From the moment you commit reservation, we act solely as an intermediary between you and the accommodation object, transmitting the details of your order at the correct object and send you an electronic booking confirmation on behalf of the accommodation object.

b) transfer booking: order of passenger transportation vehicles Go Georgia LLC and partner companies within the administrative borders of Georgia. Transfer request is made no later than three days before the arrival.

C) booking of activities: order of entertainment and/or sporting services provided by the human resources and facilities of Go Georgia LLC or partner companies within the administrative borders of Georgia and do not violate the legislation of Georgia. The application for such service must be made at least three days before the start date.

By providing our services we offer information based on the information provided to us by the owners of accommodation object and partners. We do our best to provide high quality of services, but, despite this, the company Go Georgia LLC cannot guarantee the correctness, completeness, accuracy and punctuality of the object of placing all of the information and do not responsible for late, sloppy, inaccurate information, or its not delivery, as well as for any costs occurred in connection with the inability to use gogeorgia. today website due to temporary failure and/or the suspension of its operation. Each property is responsible for the accuracy, completeness of information (including rates and availability) provided on the website Our website is not and should not be construed as a recommendation or a certificate in favor of quality, service level or rating of any proposed accommodation object
2. Rates and payment procedure

All prices on the website gogeorgia. today correspond to the prices set by the representative of the property. Booking is available in two formats:

 — Non-refundable: 100% prepayment of the total booking within 3 days from the time of booking.

 — Refundable: 30% advance payment within 3 days of booking, 70% in 60 days before arrival. If you select this option, the total cost increased by 10%.

When ordering the service and/or tours will be charged 10% of the cost transfers and/or tours. When paying for the booking by credit card your Bank may charge you an additional fee according to the internal tariffs. The currency Converter is for information purposes only and should not be regarded as accurate and real time; actual rates may vary.
3. Privacy Policy cares about the safety of your personal data. See the privacy policy of the reservation service for more information.
4. Terms of booking and accommodation

By making a reservation you agree to these terms and conditions of reservation and rules of stay in the accommodation listed on the accommodation information page. The number of arriving guests (includes adults and children older than three years) must not exceed the number specified in the confirmation. Otherwise, the receiving party shall have the right to refuse to provide accommodations without refund of payment.

By making a reservation you agree to keep the leased property in good condition.

In case of damage to household goods or appliances for your fault, you agree to full or partial compensation for the damage caused, by agreement with the landlord. The owner or his representative shall have the right to verify the freed space for its wear due to your stay for 15 minutes before your departure, and it should not be regarded as inconsistent invasion.
5. Cancellation

By making a reservation at the accommodation object, you accept and agree with the order of cancellation, the rules in case of no-show, and with all additional terms and conditions.

By default, the reservation is not canceled — refund if cancellation is 0% (exception: force majeure, illness confirmed by a certificate — return of 50%).

When you select refundable option the following refund options are:
 — 61 days or more before arrival: refunded 100% of the total reservation cost (not including 10%, the cost of the options)
 — 31−60 days before arrival: refunded 70% of the total reservation cost
 — 6−30 days before arrival: refunded 50% of the total reservation cost
 — 0−5 days before arrival: refunded 20% of the total reservation cost (exception: force majeure, illness confirmed by a certificate —a refund of 50%)

If you wish to cancel your reservation, please refer to the confirmation email and follow the instructions therein, or contact with this request to the service operator via the email address specified in the confirmation. Please note, refunds are only in case of timely cancellation.

To return the prepaid amount, within 10 days after the cancellation you should contact the operator and inform him about the cancellation. Refund is made within 5 banking days from the date of notification of the operator about the cancellation. The company Go Georgia LLC produces a refund to a Bank card or via Western Union money transfer in the name specified in the reservation. Banking costs within 4% of the prepaid amount paid due to the recipient the amount refunded.

In case of no notification about the cancellation of a reservation of operator company Go Georgia LLC, upon the expiration of 10 days after the cancellation, the company Go Georgia LLC does not accept claim for refund.

Refunds and compensation are not performed in the following cases:
 — no- show;
 — arrival later than the official check-in date;
 — if the guest is completely or partially did not use services provided by him in accordance with the order.

In case of delay, the guest is obliged to notify the operator of the company Go Georgia LLC. In this case the booked accommodation facility reserved for the guests during the day from the date specified in the confirmation of check in date.

The cost of the transfers/excursions are not refundable in case of cancellation less than 3 days before date of arrival. Certain tariffs and special offers cannot be canceled or modified.
6. Re-booking or overbooking

We are constantly improving our booking system and the process of interaction with our contractors (the owners of accommodation facilities and partner companies). Despite this, from time to time, there is a situation when the owner by mistake rents housing for two guests. As a result of this mistake is overbooking, in which one of the guests loses legal placement. In this case our operators will offer you one or more equivalent locations. If the proposed placement does not suit you we will refund you the amount of 100 percent of prepayment amount.
7. Further correspondence

After successful payment we send you an email with information about the appropriate direction specific data and special offers (including from third parties) related to your booking and destination. You should print this confirmation and have it with you during the trip. Immediately after your accommodation, we can send you another email to fill out our feedback form about the object. Please read the privacy statement of the service booking for information how we can contact you.
8. Limitation of liability

In accordance with the limitations set in this terms and conditions in the designated boundaries of the legislation, we are liable only for direct damages actually suffered, paid or caused by actual default of our obligations in the provision of our services within the total prepaid amount specified in the confirmation email (per incident or series of connected events).

Despite this, neither our company nor our employees, partners or other companies or persons involved in the creation, promotion and any other activity aimed at supporting this web site are not responsible for:
1) services or products offered by the accommodation facility;
2) any inaccuracy relating to the descriptive information (including rates, availability and ratings) of the accommodation presented on the web site gogeorgia. today;
3) any damages, penalties, losses, damage caused to the reputation or loss arising from the use, inability to use or a break in the work of website gogeorgia. today;
4) any injury, death, damage of property or other damage, or losses occurred or paid by you due to mistake, violations, deliberate misconduct, non-compliance, incorrect interpretation of civil liability or debt of the owner of the property, including any cancellation (full or partial), overbooking, force majeure or any other event beyond our control.
9. Other

These terms and conditions as well as provision of our services is governed by and performed in accordance with the legislation of Georgia. All disputes arising out of these General terms and conditions and our services shall be resolved exclusively in the competent courts of Georgia. Obvious mistakes (including misprints) are not legally binding. All special promotions and offers are marked accordingly. The company Go Georgia LLC reserves the right, at its own discretion and without notice, to modify this Agreement at any time.
10. About the company Go Georgia LLC

Services for booking accommodation are provided by the private company with limited liability Go Georgia LLC. The company is registered in the public registry of Georgia under the number 406 158 875.
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