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Nastya and Valeriy, MARCH 2016

Katya in Gudauri

The story of a little girl
Hello, my name is Kate, I am 1 year.

I recently returned from a trip in Georgian mountains. Before that mom and dad have already riding me in the Carpathian Mountains, but in March they began to think again to go somewhere. I suspect that Georgia finally was with my mother`s decision, because let face it friends, a direct flight from Kharkiv, wine and khachapuri .... dad didn't have to convince dad for too long, it seems that the mountains is my parent`s passion.

I was promised the good company of friends and friends of our friends, snow and fresh air.

I do not remember much the night flight, I woke up in the Kutaisi airport. You open your eyes in the baggage hall, and there are 30 people from Kharkov with skis and snowboards and it seems that the entire airplane will go to Gudauri. Then there was Zvi, a white Mercedes and a four-hour road to Gudauri. They say that it was beautiful, but I do not know -was a sleep.
mountain nature sky nature Gudauri Georgia
The place where we lived, called New Gudauri, the old one I did not see. I liked the room: big bed, table, washing machine, refrigerator, wardrobe. And most importantly - traces of repair and the mountain view! Where else you would find a plastic box and straps for fencing? There was one thing: I had to live with parents, they did not get a single room, which greatly restricted my fencing and testing the quality of gluing the carpet.
But for what we came? Skiing!
Holidays in the mountains for little girl
Go outside and there is snow sparkles so that it is necessary to squint. I saw parents by turns: first mother to ride, then Dad, then my mother again. When they come tell that there is a little snow (was that a little?), that runs are long, slow lifts, but people are sociable and they have time to talk. They argued and discussed where they drove well, and where not, but the fact is that again and again one of them went to ride, all these arguments were that the pearls are too small.
And then they think to take me upstairs!
little girl in ski elevator
I thought that little girls should not be high in the mountains, and it turned out that there is a gondola, and everything is possible! If you do not know, the gondola - a cabin with benches, which carries you up and around is beautiful.
And have you seen a playground at the hight of 2700 meters? By the way, I have found that if you stick out your tongue, then the snow may fall and melt. In Kharkov it did not work for some reason.
Children's swing
But in Gudauri was not only walking in the mountains. There were in friends and friends of friends. There were many of them, some I remembered and some were introduced already here. We were there four days and managed to get a real birthday party: with balloons, smiles and a crowd of guests. At one point, I even forgot about the parents, so there were beautiful and cheerful people willing to talk with me!
I have already visited Batumi in summmer, so now i`m sure that it is always so in Georgia. Mom and dad say that there are still very tasty food. Of course, of course, I was eating buckwheat and oatmeal, while they enjoy lobio, khachapuri and churchkhela.
mountain georgia gudauri snowboader
When I came home my cheeks were red and the rest was white. Generally in Gudauri i had a a lot of new emotions and things that didn`t happen with me before: a lot of mountains and a lot of snow. Now I know what to expect next winter.
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