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Why Gudauri?

Three reasons:

1. From Kharkiv opened a direct flight to Kutaisi. Tickets are less than $ 100 in both directions. And, again, a direct flight! This was the decisive factor in where to go.

2. Travel dates March 11-19. It is important to choose the resort, which at that time is likely to be snow. We have been twice before in Gudauri. Once it was an average snow coverage, the second time it wasn't, third time lucky and there was much snow. At the same time the sun was shining and the frost was very small. Everything is perfect.

3. The travel budget. In fact taking into account the cost of everything, insurance, taxi to the airport, etc. - 600 dollars.
Preparing for the trip
After buying tickets is the question of accomodation. It seems to me that communication with the owners of apartments in Georgia is akin to dealing with real estate agents in Ukraine: super house at a super price! (in fact the apartment is in a damp basement for a million on the outskirts of the city...), the Situation is sad.

4-bed apartment, they say, in fact there is one-bedroom or an apartment with two bunk beds and there and a kitchen, or, more often, an apartment with one bedroom and a sofa bed in the kitchen. My personal opinion is that 95% of the apartments adds two beds in the kitchen and 50% of the price. But there are good exceptions too.

Our choice is MagiStyle, complex in Central Gudauri, directly on the slope. Two large apartments for 6 persons each, with big kitchen, where nobody had to sleep. By prior arrangement, without additional cost, we checked in at 6 am, and left at 10pm.

Later it turned out that it was a very good choice, because there is the restaurant downstairs with delicious cuisine + it is center of snowborders ad skiers party. Accidentally went to a lecture on avalanche safety, for example.
Travelling with a big group
If you traveling with more than two or three people, it is uncontrollable body, which has at the same time a hundred desires which do not match with each other. We had 15 people and a two-month baby. For such groups, for example "to get out of the airport after collecting your Luggage" it is necessary to lay at least an hour.One hundred meters walk to the bus and sit in it. Just exit the airport and get on the bus, which is already waiting for an hour. Proven by multiple experiences. At least an hour. But my personal opinion is that in ski trip the larger the company, the merrier. We have exactly what it was. Great company!
Tips for those who traveling in Gudauri
1. And it is not casual the first paragraph. Use a sunscreen!. It is the most important piece of advice.

2. When choosing accommodation pay attention to the details. Ask for photos. If you let it slide, will sleep on bunk beds in the kitchen.

3. Install the application Go Gudauri :) it will help navigate where to eat, where to rent skis, etc.

4. Go to dinner in Khreki. This restaurant in the center of Gudauri, 100 meters down from a supermarket. There's all delicious.

5. Khinkali are not only meat. Cheese and vegetable still delicious!

6. You can take a break from skiing and take a trip to Uplistsikhe, Gori or Tbilisi. We were leaving Gudauri by two groups - the first in the morning and spent the day in Tbilisi. The second was skiing and left in the evening. We all met at the restaurant Solobio near Tbilisi. For the second time to come, there is very tasty cuisine.
Masha Chvan,
11-19 march 2016
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