Your house in Gudauri

Cozy apartments and the possibility of profitable investments
We love Gudauri and decided to build here a great house for special people. In addition to the possibility of buying a house in the mountains there is also the opportunity to invest and get good income.
The house is located in the upper Gudauri. There is panoramic view of the Aragvi gorge. The distance to the new chairlift is 150 metres (the launch of the lift is planned on December 2016).
What's inside?
Roof: open dining area of 250 m2

3rd floor: apartments from 25 to 58 m2

2nd floor: apartment with an area of from 25 to 58 m2

1st floor: apartment with an area of from 30 to 45 m2

0 floor: panoramic loft restaurant and reception

-1 floor: parking and technical area
Project implementation period
At the moment the agreed architectural and technical documentation, and executed the documents for the land plot.
Mai 2016
Developed and approved, architectural and technical documentation
June 2016
Construction started
October 2016
Construction is completed. The begining of the decoration works.
December 2016
The house is finished. Execute real estate in a private property.

More than 10 projects in Georgia including Tsar Bani, Edelweiss and modernization of Marco Polo in Guauri.
Construction company:

Monoliti LTD
Construction of key municipal objects in Batumi. Construction of multistoried residential buildings in Tbilisi. Construction of the U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi.
Legal accompaniment:

Attorney and Legal Advisor
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Financial control:

Apartment as a business
If you are not going to live permanently in Gudauri, you'll be interested in the business case for the delivery of apartments in rent.
Full return of the investment: 6th year
Return on investment per year: 18.5%
PayBack Period apartments Gudauri Georgia
The payback period of an apartment — from 6 to 9 years depending on the dwelling space.
Example of the apartment 25 m2:

General data

— Number of commercial days per year: 100

— Rent in average: 85%


— The average rental cost for tourists (per day): $75

— Average income per season: $5500


— Services of management company (building maintenance, attract tourists, service of apartments): 25% of bookings

— Tax on the income from the rental of the apartment: 5%

— Utilities per year: $500 (approximately)

Total for the year

Before taxes: $4500

After taxes: $4300
Cost per m2 with repair: from $850
Book an apartment
Where can I find the project documentation?
Presentation, costs and the standard contract of buying and selling are here:

At what stage there is a project?
Now we are finishing the preparation of the architectural project, executing documents on the earth and construction license.
I am not a citizen of Georgia are there any restrictions?
From the point of view of the legislation of Georgia -No. You will need to restrictions in your country with the lawyers specializing in the questions of purchasing of real estate abroad.
What kind of apartments are there?
One-room (25, 30 and 35 m2) where a room is combined with a kitchen.
Two-bedroom (45 and 58 m2), where one of the rooms is combined with a kitchen.
How much is the apartment cost and what is included in the price?
For each apartment it is specified prices for square meter. Repair and finishing are included in the price. You will need only to put furniture.
What services are provided by the management company?
The service includes the maintenance of the territory, advertising of apartments, placement them on the website and in our own booking system, reception management, meeting and seeing guests off, cleaning and washing, reporting and other related operational activity.
Are there any discounts?

• payment of 100% until June 15th: 15% discount
• payment of 50% of cost of an apartment until June 15th, 50% until July 15th : 10% discount
• payment of 50% of cost of an apartment until June 15th, 50% until August 15th : 6% discount
• payment of 50% of cost of an apartment in June, 50% till 15th of October: 4% discount
Your project is interesting to me, but I am limited in money resources. What can you offer, except purchasing of the apartment entirely?
You can issue the share in the company depending on the contribution size – you will have preferential terms on booking of apartments and dividends. Each such case is considered separately, write us on
And if my friends and acquaintances want to get the apartment too?
You will receive a monetary bonus of 4% of apartment cost for each client you brought if you buy the apartment at the same time, and 2% if you don't buy. The bonus is transferred into your bank account after registration of apartment in property and full payment of its cost.
Who will have the right of ownership?
The property will be handed over to you in a full ownership after the commission of the house in the relevant state bodies of Georgia. As the company, we reserve the right to buy an apartment on the high priority, in case you are going to sell it.
What is included in the rental price of the apartment?
By this project we want to solve three problems:

1. to break a stereotype about Gudauri as an expensive resort (from the point of view of housing price)

2. to create a hospitality standard for the resort

3. to make a year-round flow of clients

Uniform prices for apartments in this house will allow to load all living space systematically in the maximum volume that won't create the unnecessary competition between owners. But the owner of the property always has the last word.
What about taxes?
We pay for your taxes and provide tax return for foreign tax credit in the country of your citizenship.
How much will cost utility?
Water, electricity, heating and sewerage are paid by the owner by the counters (every six months in advance) according to the state tariff with extra charge of 15% (for maintenance of common infrastructure). Around $500 per year.
Can I influence on the mechanism of renting apartments?
You are the owner and you have the right to do everything that seems essential to you. We will provide all necessary support if you would like to maintain the apartment by your own.
When I can use apartments?
Anytime, the data on occupancy of apartments are available to each owner online.
Will be there a parking nearby the hotel?
Yes, there will be a covered Parking. Places are not fixed to the apartments, and are distributed according to the actual arrival of owners or guests.
Is there any place for storage skis and equipment?
For each apartment there is a slot for storage skis and boards (ski depot), it is already included in price.
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