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Khachapuri in Gudauri

Gudauri, March 2016
Elena Leontyeva
One winter evening three girls decided to go to the mountains. After many sleepless nights, the choice fell on sunny Georgia Gudauri, and soon the tickets were purchased, accommodation and transfers booked, and we went on the journey!
Fingers crossed we successfully got through the Cross Pass. Gorge more and more squeezes the river and the road, and suddenly the rocks apart, revealing the views of the Gudauri.
3 minutes from the hostel and we already reach the second station of the chair lift. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people.Not crowded, especially after the crowds at the ski resorts of Krasnaya Polyana. My friend eagerly jumps in place, looking forward to the opportunity to drive from the heart
The weather that day: fog, almost zero visibility, but heavy snow flakes on the runs if you soar through the snowy feather bed. Several times comes down to make pictures.
In the evening in the hostel we get acquainted with the guys, freeriders. In the afternoon we made a few runs studying the available tracks in the deep snow. The gus describe their emitions only by interjections about the broken powder.
Forecasters did not disappoint: in the morning the sun shines over Gudauri. The snow sparkles beautifully, shines in the sunlight.
The highest point Cazale gives us a truly magnificent views above the clouds. Groups of freeriders we walk left and right along the ridge in Kobe and Kudebi, and then draw the waves footprints on the virgin snow.

Mtskheta Jawi mount Georgia
In the evening, tired feet are not something that would not allow you to ride, but somehow too quick to remind myself. So came the cultural part of the route Mhtseta - Tbilisi.
Mhtseta - is the spiritual heart of Georgia. Churches stagger the imagination, no wonder Mhtseta is called "Second Jerusalem". The observation deck Djvari offers a breathtaking view of the city on the banks of two rivers

Tbilisi Georgia
The Georgian capital was in the sunshine, and we wrapped in a jacket from the strong wind. Because of this it was not possible to enjoy the city views from the cable car. We just enjoyed the views of this picturesque town, looked at the sulfur baths and interesting sights, we bought souvenirs and ate khachapuri, and then with a clear conscience and a full stomach went home in Gudauri.
From the ski lift the valley is clearly visible - it is already all painted with traces of freeriders, the number of which in Gudauri clearly exceeds normal ranges.
Finally all gathered again at the top Kudebi, pleased completely empty and gorgeous red run it is just the flight. Today was our third day of skiing! Someone has learned to slow down the plow, someone has mastered the turns, someone has improved their skiing technique
On the last day of our extreme skiing weather is getting worse - quite a strong wind and blizzard. We are gettting down on the blue routes, but the wind the wind carries us in the other direction.
In the evening we arrived at the hostel and our driver persuaded us to leave on the day before the scheduled trip to Vladikavkaz. In the confusion, we collected our Luggage, boards, throws the still wet jacket and rushing to the pass. At Upper Lars ambush waiting for us - at the entrance to the tunnel was about a long column of trucks. We drive past formed a giant cork and sometimes it seems that it grows at the same rate at which we are moving. We cross the border and get to Vladikavkaz, being in a shock that an hour after we pass has been closed.

Snowboarding is overcoming your fears, constant work on yourself. This is the moment "Here and Now"
For me, snowboarding - it's not only bright flashes of joy and permanent happiness. This is a flight, and a sense of pride when correctly and beautifully through a difficult phase. It is breathtaking speed from which you have watery eyes, even behind the mask, and the incredible emotions from physical activity.This energy, which give you the mountains when you just stop and stare and try to absorb the surrounding beauty. Snowboarding is overcoming your fears, constant work on yourself. This is the moment "Here and Now".
Georgia is sunny and very soulful as people write about. People here are very nice, hospitable, good-natured, trying to help everyone. And here is awesome wine, delicious goat cheese and juicy khinkali.

I will definitely go again in Gudauri, in order to enjoy the virgin skiing, admire the wonderful views and a swim in a fluffy snow.
Elena Leontyeva
Snowboarder, Russia
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