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Daria Drozhzhina
February 2016
The first time I visited Gudauri in February 2015. Just the wind has changed and sent here. Since then, I have a piggy bank. I put the impression from this place there. And every time they are completely new.
My Gudauri is when ...
  • traveling through the pass, and every time the move is a gamble with the weather. This year we slipped immediately, but watched for a couple of days of the solar Kazbegi and meditating cows that chew the clouds and clearing the way for the sun.
  • the sun, and it fills cubic meters of the slopes. People and mountains sunbathing. And this makes you happier.
  • "Dementia and courage" - is the motto, however, in which I am not alone. And the motto is dedicated to completely forgotten sunscreen. Why should we use it? In fact, after a gloomy Moscow you want to absorb the clear weather by every cell, no matter what will happen then with your cheeks. Anyway all think it's a healthy glow.
  • returning to the previous paragraph. It is when your desire is so strong that you come to the lift by 9 a.m., which starts actually at 10, and greesh peacefully in the sun for another hour in anticipation.
  • snow is all around, it is almost Martian desert. And you can go anywhere without worrying about the fact that you can get lost. Your feet and slopes will lead to the right place.
  • after sending 100500 beautiful photos of the mountains parents asked: "are you riding, alone there?!". Well ... almost, Mom. There is enough space for everybody, even if you love to do an arc from one end to the other slope.
  • the weather can change every five minutes. And because of this you almost forget to come down, motionless you watching the mysterious transformation around. It seems that you can touch the clouds. Or drink a glass of solar juice, biting the snow flakes.
  • there are "your" favourite places. And let this places for thousands of people, there is enough space for all. And this is doubly good.
  • coming down in darkness on a slope (by foot of course), you can easily get acquainted with the head physician and shake his hand. And get a few caring questions, "Is everything OK with you guys?". I`d like to say that social statuses are disappear: and people becomes as they are. They left at home all statuses, and did not pack them in a suitcase. Intentionally.
  • of course you should come down sometimes. For example to try the most delicious dishes. All eaten well absorbed by the body because of physical activity.
  • it is ok to drive to Tbilisi and back for one day for the stamps on a local bus. You have a strong desire to send cards, so you go to the post office in Gudauri which is actually abandoned, and sent the postcards, previously bought at a flea market in Tbilisi. It is equal to a crime, If you do not share your impressions with friends. :)
  • not notice as the water turns into wine. For breakfast you ask for a tea, but they bring chacha. You eat khachapuri and khinkali three times a day, and it seems that your stomach - like Hermione's Bag - surprising as it may fit as much.
  • and if you do not eat khachapuri and khinkali then make it out of the snow (well, why should we build a snowman, indeed!)
  • you are feeling well alone as well as with company. And when you start to understand something about skating on the philosophical level, unfortunately, it's time to pack your things.
  • there are plans to go back and implement some crazy idea. For example, paragliding, or travel outside of the track. Well, at least one meter, eh? In general, these plans that arise in the mind, quietly tied to "I will definitely come back here!"
  • there is light inside you and you smile. Around is incredibly beautiful, and you want to pack every emotion with you, and by returning freely distribute this feelings them who have not seen this, but will do it for sure.
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