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2016 Gudauri
Love once and forever

A little story about the boundless happiness
This absolutely fabulous for me, the story began in the summer of 2015. It was then decided to go to Georgia, uniquely in Gudauri, and conquer the great mountains. Then began all the preparations for the journey. It was decided to go to the car and turn the holiday into a large Georgian Journey. Wishing was not much: my boyfriend, I and two of our friends.
Snowboard Gudauri Georgia
Our friendly company, I hope we still have more than one joint trip !!!!
We arrived at the scene at night and, accordingly, all the beauty of the mountains in front of us opened only in the morning in the rays of the bright sun, but on arrival appeared before us all the beauty of Georgian hospitality and cordiality. We stayed at the hotel Go Gudauri and not a drop of it do not regret it !!! It is an amazing place in the mountains, a couple of steps to the lift, and the range of such beauty that no words, no photos will not give ... I would also like to note the guys that were waiting for us and welcomed, they are great !!! All our road kept in touch with us by phone, answered all our questions and dispel prevalent all our concerns about the lack of snow, even video with snowfall sent (which was nice), and yet they graciously and seamlessly moved our reservation number, so the Georgian border was closed, and we were stuck there. Met, settled and answered all the questions late at night without any problems! In general, well done guys !!! We were very pleased as the hotel itself. Absolutely new and clean rooms, wi-fi, all necessary equipment and utensils - I'm right in the admiration of all! In the morning we looked out of the window and the view that we opened, struck. The entire first day we were in a state of absolute happiness and delight, and only did what they were staring at the sides and we liked without exception, I thought I was in a snowy fairy tale and I'm not mistaken)))
GoGudauri Hotel Georgia
Around only mountains and snow !!! A lot of snow!!!!
Poster at the hotel Gudauri Georgia
This protein from the Guestrooms captivated me))) I want it)) where no sooner had !!!

And here begins my personal story. The second day gave more amenities than the first. Throughout his a small company, we have decided to conquer the Sadzele. Weather for this was just amazing - the sun shone clear, the sky was not a cloud, it was blue and clear, in general, all for us. I was terribly scared, because it was my first mountain, so huge, that his legs were shaking and my hands were sweating. And here we are at the top !!! And before us the majestic Kazbek in the sun, the snow poured like precious stones, silence, and most importantly - at the top except for us or anyone. To say that the breath away - it's not something to say !!! I used to not believe that in the mountains there is a majesty and calm and it was there that I realized it. And that day, I realized that there is always a fairy tale princes and exist in real life. Right at the top of the mountain, amidst all this endless beauty, my prince knelt and asked me to marry him !!! And here finally left the earth at me from under the feet !!!! It was so beautifully on how this is possible only imagine !!! The moment happier than I was difficult to find a man !!! And of course I said YES! Now Gudauri for me is not just a mountain - a place of boundless happiness, a place where dreams come true and the place where we will definitely return many many times ...
Minutes of my happiness !!!!
snow angel Gudauri Georgia
EVERY TIME I LOOK and abide in complete delight !!! SAME AS ALL WAS GREAT !!!!
And here's a little video from the most wonderful day!
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