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BUDGET 2016/2017

We've calculated a budget for a Gudauri-trip, based on data for the last season and forecasts for the future
Approximate budget of a trip for two persons for 7 days in February-March.

* prices Go Gudauri
1USD = 65 RUB = 26 UAH
About money
"National currency in Georgia — Lari (GEL). GEL exchange rate to USD since April 2015 ranged between 0.4 and 0.5 dollars (for 1 GEL). At the same time dollars (USD) are also in usage in Georgia. Often it is possible to pay for accommodation in dollars, it is more convenient to change them".
Zvi Zhishkara
Prices for accommodation

Prices for accommodation in Gudauri vary depending on your preferences. Gudauri prices for apartments start from 80 USD per night, for hotel rooms — from 120 USD per night. Hostel is cheaper (50−60 USD per night), but it is less comfortable. We offer apartments in the mountains with a kitchen area and a bathroom, which combine pleasant design and affordable cost. Apartments for four people in GoGudauri cost from 50 USD.


Transfer from Tbilisi and back will cost you 170−180 USD and there is no significant difference in price between cars and vans for the company up to 15 people. GoGudauri offers cars for travel and for transfers around Georgia. Winter mountain roads are not accustomed to all, so rent a car with skilled driver.
Ski pass

In the 2015−2016 a one-day ski pass in Gudauri cost 30 GEL (13,8 USD) for adults and 20 GEL (9,2 USD) for a child. Weekly — 160 and 107 GEL (74,1 and 49,3 USD) accordingly. When buying a ski pass for more than two days, you will be given a permanent plastic card Key Card. Service fee for the card is 4 GEL.


For beginners, who want to learn a new winter sport, we offer individual and group trainings with professional instructors. Individual training during one day was worth 65 USD in the last season, and training for beginners (6 days) — from 300 USD.

Freeride & Places of Interest

Georgia is beautiful and definitely deserves your attention. So, without thinking, order a ski tour or a tour by car. Such trip will cost 100 USD per day. Impressions will remain with you for a long time.


It is possible to have lunch at a restaurant in Gudauri for the sum of 5−10 USD per person — depending on the location and quantity of food and beverages. Sometimes even cheaper.

In total, according to our calculations, pleasant week vacation in Georgia ski resort will cost you about 500−600 USD per person, including airline tickets and insurance — 800−900 USD. You will agree, that it is very pleasant.

See you soon!

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