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Gudauri ski resort is located 120 km from Tbilisi near the Cross Pass. Gudauri is famous for its excellent snow, high-quality facilities and boundless spaces for free ride. There are comfortable trails, new lifts, comfortable hotels, mild climate and inexpensive ski passes. It is good to come here with children, friends or even alone — it will be sunny, snowy and delicious (khinkali is not an obstacle to skiing!)
New Gudauri district is developing the most actively. The gondola lift (with closed cabins) starts from here and modern hotels with apartments and flats can be found nearby. The prices for accommodation in New Gudauri are much lower than in other parts of the resort.

Our prices for accommodation in Gudauri are lower than in the other companies and other parts of Gudauri resort.

There are cafes, restaurants, a supermarket, a parking lot, rentals, a tourist service centre and a medical aid station.
The skiing zone is between 1 990 m — 3 239 m.There are 22 ski tracks.The total length of ski trails is 57 km.The total length of ski trail from the highest peak to the first lift is 7 km.
Gudauri offers you all types of ski trails (blue, red, and black) which are prepared in compliance with European standards.

TRAINING SKI TRAIL, SNOWPARK, TUBING TRAILT-bar lift ("zuma" ski trail) and two magic carpet lifts are available for children and beginner skiers.Snow-park for jumpers is located near the fourth lift (to the left of "snow-park" trail); tubing trail is located near the second lift.

On Saturdays people can ski to 10 p.m. along the illuminated "pirveli" ski trail under a star filled sky.

LIFTSLifts work every day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.9 lifts are available (chairlifts, gondola, T-bars and magic carpets).Ascent to the highest peak (Sadzelli Mountain, 3 239 m) will take30 minutes.
Ski-pass prices for 2016-2017
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Prices are in Gel.
GoGudauri team includes people from Georgia, Russia and Ukraine. We really like Gudauri and we want you to like this place, too! The things we have in GoGudauri are:

1. comfortable accommodation not far from the chairlifts

2. transfer and car rental service to get you to the airport and back

3. useful and reliable information available on the website to help you plan your trip

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