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february, 2016

Fantastic Four

Exploring new worlds
The story is about four friends: Andrii (me), Myroslavski, Slyvka and the Fourth.
For five long days and nights, we've been exploring the great country of Georgia. Moving back and forth and looking for new adventures.
Who we are?
Please let me introduce our heroes
"I have killed a wolf."
Myroslavski - the real man who has been almost climbed the Mount Everest but suddenly realized that he forgot to buy enough cigarets to made the way back. I'm not sure that it was exactly cigarets, it might be plane tickets to Nepal. Regardless, please welcome Myroslavski.
"It could be cheaper."
Slyvka - the most resource saving man in the world. If you would do something, he would probably say that it could be done better. He also can speak without words in any language in the world. He has been traveling alone all the way from Ukraine to Spain by hitchhiking.
"I have an account on house builders forum!"
The Fourth - has built a house. The real big house for living. He sold his car and bought a bicycle. He loves architecture and playing mafia. He has been recently registered on Facebook. Congrats!
"Do we have some water for tonight?"
Andrii (Me) - confident man, snowboarder, traveler, hitchhiker, explorer. Trying to live in peace and harmony with everyone.
Why did we go?
It might be obvious, but very cheap tickets had pushed us to do that. And please, don't listen to your friends who are telling you to wait for tomorrow because tomorrow it might be cheaper. It's bullshit. If you see cheap tickets just make a deal.
Eventually, Myroslavski and Slyvka and I bought tickets for $80 per person in both ways.
In a parallel galaxy, the Fourth probably did the same!
Who is the Fourth?
We landed in Georgia (the country) at midnight and, as it usually goes, we received a few bottles of wine as a gift from Georgian people. While Myroslavski was thinking about how to open a bottle of wine and me was in a bathroom, Slyvka started to talk with some stranger. It was the Fourth.The guy who uses tape to attach his luggage to the snowboard. He left his family and friends and flu to explore this great country.
His real name is not going to appear here because we forgot it in very first seconds. After three days it was not very polite to ask it again, so we continued to call him The Fourth.
What do we love?
We love Borjomi and powder snow. We love Khinkali and high mountains. We love big bottles of wine and snowboarding. We do even like ski (but only because it's a part of Myroslavski name). We love to wake up in the morning and see how lifts are not working yet, so we have some time to drink coffee before riding. We just LOVE freeride. We love cheese everywhere, and we love to hear the Ukrainian language from Georgian people.
We love Gudauri and we love Georgia!
Andrii Dvoiak
Gudauri, 2016
February the 4th–Febraury the 6st
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Photocredits: Andrii Dvoiak, The Fourth
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