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Andrey Pitushkin

March 2015 is the first time I went to Gudauri.
«Better than mountains can be only mountains, on which you have not been yet ...»
Hello, dear reader! I would like to share with you a few sketches that appeared during my first trip to Gudauri in March 2015. Friends for a long time called me there, but I felt this place by myself just a year ago. You say that the quote of Vladimir Vysotsky is irrelevant here, as there is hint of a climb, but it is not. I have a delicate relationship with the mountains: the Himalayas, the Crimea, the Alps, the Caucasus. All of them have its own mood and feeling. Someone is express it through paintings and graphics, diaries and poems, photos and movies. But remember, the most detailed story or report expedition or gigabytes of photos and videos will not be allowed to understand what it is the place while you're not there.
Masha and Tasia - the best company on the road
The wee road in Gudauri
Riding: there was enough snow and the sun, runs and their absence, difficult and easy runs
But the most important thing in any trip and our life in general - are people nearby! Thank you all that you have been and stay in my life!
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